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How to choose the right for their concrete mixing station and concrete mixing building

Concrete mixing building as a complete set of concrete mixing equipment, the basic principle is similar to the concrete mixing plant, but there are some differences, here today, Hui Hong on the specific differences to give you a brief introduction:

The concrete mixing station is mainly composed of five major systems, namely, the main mixing machine, the material conveying system, the weighing system, the storage system and the control system. Comparatively speaking, the structure of the concrete mixing building is simpler.

Ii. The bone bin of the concrete mixing building is on the upper part, and the aggregate is directly fed into the mixer after being measured; The bone bin of the mixing station is at the bottom, and the aggregate needs to be transported into the mixer through an oblique belt after measurement. In general, the aggregate of a lift is called the building, the second lift is called the station.

Third, because the stirring floor is in the upper part of the silo, so the steel structure is relatively large, inclined belt is relatively long. But the productivity of the mixing building is about one-third higher than that of the mixing plant of the same type. The diagonal belt of the mixing station will start frequently in operation, and the energy consumption and failure rate will increase, while the energy consumption and failure rate of the mixing building is relatively low.

Iv. Because the mixing station has a smaller production capacity than the mixing building, and its structure is easy to be dismantled and assembled, it can form a container transfer site, so it is applicable to the construction site; Because of its large volume and high productivity, the mixing building can only be used as a fixed mixing device, so it is suitable for large water conservancy projects or large commercial concrete manufacturers.

Concrete mixing building compared with concrete mixing station, there is a large output, high production efficiency, but also not easy to transfer, so the customer in the choice of concrete mixing equipment, should be based on their own actual use scene and demand, to choose and buy suitable for their own equipment.

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