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  • Heavy equipment is not necessarily known as such because of size and weight. They’re in fact vehicles, specially designed for construction jobs that mostly involve earthwork.


  • Sometimes you need to store your heavy equipment for months or seasons. Whether you don't use your computer all winter or for months, there are some important steps you should take to protect your computer from damage.


  • The external pressurized pond filter allows maximum flexibility in positioning your pond filter. Unlike other pond filters, these can be placed further away from the pond or even partially buried, hiding them in your landscape.


  • The motor drives the cylinder washing stone rotation, the cylinder washing stone stones produced friction. In this process, water is added to form a strong flow of water to clean the stone surface of impurities and foreign bodies. The clean stone is then transported to the appropriate position by a conveyor.


  • Shandong Luchen Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise with business spanning across the development, production, sale and maintenance of construction machineries and their accessories. Located in Pinyin Industrial Park of Jinan City and next to Jinan-Guangzhou Expressway and National Highway 220, it enjoys convenient transportation and a superior location.


  • It is composed of automobile chassis, mixing drum, transmission system, water supply device, full-power power take-off, front and rear brackets of mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, feeding and discharging system, control mechanism and other parts.