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  • LUCHEN® Hzs Series Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant is designed to meet the needs of medium and large construction projects, such as those in hydropower, airports, roads, bridges, and more. It serves as a complete equipment set for automatic concrete production.Choose our Hzs Series Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant, and we assure you of its superior quality, excellent after-sale service, and timely delivery. We are dedicated to serving your needs and ensuring your satisfaction with our products. Contact us now to learn more or make a purchase.

  • Pl Series Concrete Batching Plant Machine employs electronic weighing, microcomputer control, and a digital display, offering several advantages such as accurate weighing, high precision, fast speed, reliable control, and easy operation.With its electronic weighing system, the Pl Series Concrete Batching Plant Machine ensures precise measurement of materials, resulting in consistent and high-quality mixtures. The microcomputer control and digital display provide convenient and efficient operation, allowing for precise adjustments and monitoring of the batching process.

  • LUCHEN® LSY series vertical flexible screw conveyor is designed to efficiently transport various materials in powder, granule, and small lump forms. It offers numerous advantages, including a compact structure, small conveying diameter, light weight, high conveying capability, flexible arrangement, and easy installation, disassembly, and transfer.As a professional manufacturer, we are committed to providing you with high-quality LSY series vertical flexible screw conveyors. Our products are designed to meet your specific needs and offer efficient and reliable material transportation. We prioritize excellent after-sale service and timely delivery to ensure your satisfaction.

  • LUCHEN® SNC concrete mixing plant offers several advantages, including ease of transport, installation, and dismantling, as well as a long service life.The SNC concrete mixing plant stands out for its ease of transportation. Its modular design allows for efficient transportation to the site, saving time and cost. The silo can be easily installed and dismantled, providing flexibility for different construction projects. With its long service life, the SNC concrete mixing plant ensures durable and reliable storage of cement.

  • LUCHEN® Mining Trommel Vibrating Screen, a high-quality equipment manufactured in China that is specifically designed for grading and cleaning crushed stone, gravel, sand, and other materials. This versatile stone washer finds applications in various industries, including ore processing, coal mining, construction materials, and more. It can serve as supporting equipment for crushing machinery at different levels and can also be used as an in-line concrete aggregate cleaning equipment. Its compact structure, excellent performance, large capacity, stable operation, and low noise make it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries.Whether you need to grade and clean materials for ore processing, coal mining, construction materials, or other applications, the LUCHEN® Mining Trommel Vibrating Screen is a dependable choice. It can function as a supporting equipment alongside crushing machinery or serve as an in-line concrete aggregate cleaning equipment.

  • LUCHEN® Gravel and sand trommel screen is specifically designed to address the cleaning needs of residual or waste wet concrete in concrete mixer trucks and mixers.By utilizing this separator, you can effectively clean residual or waste wet concrete while separating and recovering valuable materials for reuse, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.Trust in our China-manufactured Gravel and sand trommel screen, designed with a focus on convenient maintenance, high availability, low motor power, and ease of operation.