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The main points of safety prevention knowledge of concrete mixing stations

Concrete mixing station is mainly used for concrete works, the main use for mixing concrete, also known as concrete mixing station. HZS series concrete batching plant adopt international popular quickly assembled module type structure, high-performance imported agitator, double machine double control way of computer control, prevent noise, prevent dust pollution, environmental design, is the new generation of cement concrete mixing equipment, applicable to urban commodity ready-mixed concrete, road and bridge, water conservancy, airports, ports and other large infrastructure construction project and concrete demand for large sites.

First of all, Hui Hong first to talk about: concrete mixing plant safety precautions

1. During installation, it is strictly prohibited to tilt the warehouse body or deform the legs.

2. The bottom of the leg is firmly welded to the embedded parts of the foundation.

3. Protect against wind and lightning.

4. It is strictly prohibited to forcefully impact the support leg and the warehouse body.

5. Regularly check the cement adhesion of dust remover bags and clean them in time.

6. The foundation must be firm and conform to the architectural design code.

7. Once the bag is blocked, the pressure in the warehouse exceeds the safety pressure of the pressure relief valve at the top of the warehouse, and the pressure relief valve can be opened to release the pressure in the warehouse and prevent the occurrence of the explosion of the warehouse.

8. When the cement silo (cement tank) is working, it must be raised by a special crane, and then placed on the prefabricated concrete foundation, and check the vertical degree of the cement silo (cement tank) with the horizontal plane after it is raised, and then weld the bottom firmly with the embedded parts of the foundation.