Discount Concrete Mixing Truck

Discount Concrete Mixing Truck

The following is the introduction of high quality LUCHEN® Discount Concrete Mixing Truck, hoping to help you better understand Discount Concrete Mixing Truck. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!

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Product Description

Discount Concrete Mixing Truck

The LUCHEN® Discount Concrete Mixing Truck made in China is mainly applied to the mixing of concrete mix of long-distance transportation, can effectively delay the initial set of concrete and prevent concrete stratification and lixi, to ensure the construction quality and speed, "LuChen" series of concrete mixer truck of 8 m squared, 9 m squared, 10 m squared, all sorts of model such as 12 m squared, can choose according to user's special chassis supporting any agitation vehicle at home and abroad. The Discount Concrete Mixing Truck mixing simple driving system adopts the closed hydraulic pump , motor, reducer imported from Italy or Germany, and the supporting hydraulic accessories such as mailbox, radiator, filter and hose connector are all famous brand products, so as to ensure the long life and reliable use of the hydraulic system. The mixing barrel and the spiral blades with double logarithmic variable parameters are made of special fine grain wear-resistant copper plate made by Shanghai Baosteel for The B520JJ mixing barrel. The wea r-resistant steel plate is also affixed to the parts that are in contact with concrete, such as feeding hopper and discharging chute, where the same wear is worn, so that the Discount Concrete Mixing Truck has an extremely long service life.A plurality of mixing arms are set in the mixing cylinder, and more than square and round holes are reasonably arranged on the mixing blade, so that the concrete can achieve real three-dimensional mixing work in the mixing cylinder, with low discharge residual rate, and the segregation of concrete can be prevented to the maximum extent. The movable discharging chute can be locked in different positions from top to bottom, so as to realize discharging operation in different directions. The whole Discount Concrete Mixing Truck adopts shot peening technology, which has the characteristics of beautiful shape, stable rotation , quick discharging, low residual rate, simple operation and long service life. The agitator cylinder is installed at a small Angle, low center of gravity, good stability of th e vehicle, reasonable load distribution of the front and rear Bridges, greatly improving the performance of the agitator truck, especially the load turning, eliminating the possibility of cartwheel, effectively ensuring the safety of the vehicle type.

Discount Concrete Mixing Truck

 Main technical parameters of LUCHEN® Discount Concrete Mixing Truck

 Working device parameters

 Geometric volume of mixing drum (m³)


 Stirring volume (m³)


 Filling rate (%)


 Feeding speed ( /min)


 Discharging speed ( /min)


 Discharge residual rate (%)


 Mixing drum speed (R /min)


 Dip Angle of mixing drum (°)


 External dimension (mm)


 Reconditioning mass (kg)


 Water supply way

 Pump of water supply

 Water tank capacity (L)


 Reducer model

 Pump of water supply

 Y hydraulic pump model

 EATON/5423-518 APK/PV89MHF\20

 The motor model

 EATON/5433-138 Italy APK/MF89V\20

 The chassis parameters

 A series of




 Length (mm)


 Width (mm)


 Wheelbase (mm)


 Engine model and Displacement (L)


 Output power/Speed (KW /RPM)


 Emission standards

 Third Country (Europe)

 Maximum speed (km/h)


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