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Composition of Concrete Mixer Truck


It is composed of automobile chassis, mixing drum, transmission system, water supply device, full-power power take-off, front and rear brackets of mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, feeding and discharging system, control mechanism and other parts. Due to technical bottlenecks, domestically-made mixer trucks with a tank volume of 3m3-8m3 use four domestically-made parts, and most of the four major parts with a volume of over 8m3 are imported parts.

The composition of the concrete mixer truck: the second type chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, frame, mixing tank, feeding and discharging device, water supply system, control system, human ladder and other parts. The front end of the mixing tank is connected with the reducer and installed on the front of the frame, and the back end is supported by two supporting wheels installed on the back of the frame through a raceway.