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The definition of the environmental protection machines


Environmental protection equipment refers to mechanical products, structures and systems manufactured and built by production units or construction and installation units for controlling environmental pollution and improving environmental quality. Some people also believe that environmental protection equipment refers to mechanical processing products for controlling environmental pollution, such as dust remover, welding fume purifier, monomer water treatment equipment, noise controller, etc. This understanding is not comprehensive. Environmental protection equipment shall also include power equipment for conveying fluid substances containing pollutants, such as water pump, fan, conveyor, etc; At the same time, it also includes monitoring and control instruments to ensure the normal operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, such as detection instruments, pressure gauges, flow monitoring devices, etc. Environmental governance is an urgent matter. We should pay more attention to environmental protection. Environmental protection equipment should include complete sets of equipment: such as air purifier, sewage treatment equipment, ozone generator, industrial oxygen generator, etc. Equipment that can improve or manage the environment in both industry and family.