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The importance of pressure filters


The pressure filter is a closed cylindrical tank made of high-quality steel by welding, and the filter material is composed of quartz sand and anthracite. The raw water is added with medicine before passing through the pump. After being stirred and mixed by the impeller of the water pump, suspended particles and flocs formed by the medicament are formed in the muddy water area of the upper filter layer in the tank, which are intercepted and disinfected to reach the national drinking water standard.

As we all know, due to the particularity of engineering equipment and vehicle working environment, the filtering effect of the air filter system of the equipment is very important, and many users will also configure pre-filters. Therefore, they are more aware of the importance of pre-filters-pre-filters It can extend the service life of the air filter element of the equipment and reduce the overall operating cost. However, as far as the author knows, the traditional pre-filtration system may have the following shortcomings: insufficient filtration of large particles of impurities, high operating noise, insufficient self-purification ability, and installation The use is complicated, self-respect is too heavy and so on. Therefore, Donaldson's newly launched TopSpin TM pre-filter has made a good demonstration in avoiding the above shortcomings. In the product development phase, Donaldson engineers use sophisticated translation company airflow analysis tools to predict and simulate airflow conditions under real conditions. This analysis tool can predict the airflow direction, flow rate range, circulation airflow area identification, particle tracking and filtration efficiency; according to the aerodynamic design of TopSpin TM is made of lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant materials, making the product in any It can be used normally under climate and working conditions.