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How to install concrete batching machine

1. After the concrete batching machine arrives, please check whether the attached accessories and technical documents are complete according to the packing list, and check whether the whole machine or parts are damaged.

2. The user should lay a good foundation according to the basic drawing of the purchased batching machine.

3. Put in place according to the position on the basic drawing, so that each mechanism is in a horizontal state.

4. After the batching machine is in place, remove the fixing bolts of the weighing hopper to make the weighing hopper work.

5. Check the flexibility of each transmission part and whether the bolts of each connection part are loose.

6. Install the wiring of the electrical circuit according to the "Instructions for the Batching Controller", including: the main cables and the motor cables, sensors and remote control cables.

7. Try dry running and check the rotation of each motor at the same time.

8. In accordance with the requirements of the "Instructions for Ingredients Control", carry out a batching simulation cycle test, try small weighing settings for each material, and check whether the batching can be automatically cycled.