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Precautions for installation of SNC series bolt cement silo

1) Before the installation of the SNC series bolted cement silo body, the two foundations of the equipment should be leveled. For the fulcrum of the same silo body with a large foundation error, the low point should be raised according to the high point elevation. The ultimate goal is to ensure the cement When the silo body is placed vertically, its axis must not be inclined.

2) The SNC series bolted cement silo body is equipped with a process bracket when it is shipped, and it should be removed before installation.

3) The components that can be assembled when the SNC series bolted cement silo body is placed horizontally should be assembled as far as possible. After the silo body is erected, there should be no personnel activities on the silo body before the anchor bolts are fixed to avoid danger.

4) Due to the limitation of the feeding position and ladder position of the storage warehouse and batching warehouse, the orientation of the two equipment relative to the foundation is slightly different, so attention should be paid when installing.

5) The electrical parts of the SNC series bolted cement silo system adopt a safe operating voltage of DC24V except for the vibration motor, but do not operate with power during wiring and maintenance to avoid short-circuit failure during operation and burning of components.