Environmental Protection Equipment

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  • The slurry flowing from the sand and gravel separator and vehicle washing platform is filtered by the pressure filter to produce clear water and filter cake. The clear water flows to the clear water tank directly for reuse, and the filter cake is blended into the aggregate for reuse in order to realize zero sewage and waste discharge.

  • The vehicle washing platform is the equipment for complete washing of tires and chassis of various engineering vehicles with high-pressure water jet. Vehicle washing platform may automatically complete the washing and recycle the cleaning water.

  • The sand and gravel separator is indispensible for modern environment-friendly concrete mixing plant. Sand and gravel separator is mainly used to clean the residual or waste wet concrete in the concrete mixer truck and the mixer. Also, sand and gravel separator serves to separate and recover the sand, stone and slurry generated in the mixing process for 100% reuse.

  • The vibrating sieve stone washer is mainly used for grading and cleaning of crushed stone, gravel, sand, etc. in ore, coal, construction materials and others. Vibrating sieve stone washer may be used as a piece of supporting equipment for crushing machineries at different levels as well as the in-line concrete aggregate cleaning equipment.

  • Cylinder Stone Washer characterized by simple and compact structure, great capacity and sufficient flushing, it is an indispensable supporting equipment for quality concrete production.